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Yes! I Want 120 More Sequences! Add This To My Order!

Hey there,

Hey there,

It’s Neil Napier here again.

First of all, thank you for purchasing AutomationAI Bootcamp.

The decision you just made means that:

You’ll NEVER have to spend days and weeks coming up with email sequence ideas and writing emails

You’ll NEVER have to hire an expensive email copywriter

You’ll NEVER have to spend money on strategies that don’t help you build an email list

Instead, it means that:

You can write incredibly effective story-driven email sequences in 5 minutes or less

You can build a list of hungry buyers without shelling out tons of cash on ads that don’t work

You can run and scale your email list without having to hire a human copywriter

You Now Have Access To A System That Will Deliver You High-Quality Email Sequences On Auto-Pilot…

The only thing holding you back?

You won’t be able to send emails to your list quite often.

The reason?

You can only create 10 email sequences with AutomationAI.

There’s no limit to when and how you can use these sequences…

See, while AI is getting cheaper with every passing day…

Creating a 7 to 30 day email campaign is still expensive.

Every sequence you create with AutomationAI costs us $2.

So giving you 10 sequences in the main offer allows us to break even.

But we want to offer you more…(And this is the only time we will be able to keep prices this low)

Chances are you’ll end up using those 10 sequences in a month or two.

But the truth is:

If you want to make more money by sending more emails to your list…

If you want to help your clients make more money...

If you want to send more story-driven sequences to your existing clients…

If you want to put your email marketing on autopilot…

You Need More Email Sequences And You Need Them FASTER!

I have zero doubt and zero hesitation that the following statement is absolutely true: 

You will make more money if you communicate with your prospects and customers more often.

In my 11 years of business experience, I’ve found this to be 100% true.

We are in an attention getting business here. 

All communication BEGINS with attention.

And the One Who Commands Attention Makes The Most Money…

It isn’t about the size of your email list, the size of your social media followings, or any of that. 

It is about ATTENTION. 

An email list is only potential energy.

It isn’t realized until they’re actually paying attention to you. 

Why do you think Kim Kardashian makes the big bucks? 

For her talent and world contributions?  

No, it is because people pay attention to her. It is why you have celebrity endorsements.

You Have To Email Them Often… 

And If You Want To Email Them More… You Need More Sequence Credits!

If You Want To Keep Your List’s Attention…

That’s why I’m giving you this limited-time opportunity…

So you can create more email sequences without any restrictions…

And make more money from your or your client’s list.

How Would You Like A Chance To Unlock Your Email Marketing Potential For A Whole Year?

Unlock Your Email Marketing Potential:

Grab Your License To Print Money With 120 Email Sequences Using AutomationAI For A Complete Year…

No Limits

With AutomationAI, you only get 10 sequences which you can use within a month or two. Which means you’ll need more emails. With AutomationAI PowerUp, you unlock 120 more sequences that you can use whenever you want. And you won’t need to come back to us for more credits.

More Winning Angles

With AutomationAI PowerUp, you will unlock a boatload of new angles for your email sequences. This upgrade not only increases the number of sequences you can create but also provides you with more winning email sequence angles. Every campaign will be UNIQUE.

An Amazing Deal 

(Won’t Be Repeated)

This offer is a unique and exclusive opportunity. It's your only chance to unlock the full potential of AutomationAI for a whole year. Such a deal won't be available again in the future, making it a valuable proposition.

Send More, Sell More

By being able to create more email sequences, you can sell more effectively to your audience. This means more revenue for you or your clients, as you'll have the capacity to communicate and market more frequently and efficiently.

Never Run Out Of Email Sequence Ideas

The PowerUp ensures that you'll always have fresh email sequence ideas at your disposal. You won't need to worry about creative block or struggling to come up with new content. This can save you time and keep your marketing efforts consistently engaging.

Explode Your List’s Earning Potential

With the ability to send more emails and engage your audience frequently, you'll significantly increase your list's earning potential. More communication leads to more attention, and more attention leads to more revenue.

Your Sequences Never Expire — Create When You Want

There's no need to rush to use your sequences. With AutomationAI PowerUp, your email sequences never expire, allowing you to create and send them at your convenience, ensuring you always have relevant content ready.

Instant Export & Download

You can download or export your email sequences without any hassle and use them with any CRM or autoresponder you want.

If You Act Now, You’ll Get Instant Access To These 3 Bonuses That Make AutomationAI PowerUp A Complete Package!

Exclusive Bonus #1

Email Survey Funnel

Worth $97

Video training that teaches you how to successfully run an email survey funnel to collect valuable feedback from your leads or customers. It also helps you segment your email list to send relevant, targeted emails for higher ROI.

Exclusive Bonus #2

Instant Newsletter

Worth $197

Create a highly successful and profitable internet marketing newsletter without having to write a single word yourself. This will swiftly establish you as a recognized authority in the field of Internet marketing, with minimal effort on your part.

Exclusive Bonus #3

You Can't Block This - Popup Software

Worth $97

Explore the cutting-edge world of unblockable pop-up technology and position your messages in the no-block zone! Boost your opt-in rates by an impressive 319% with attention-grabbing pop-ups that boldly declare, "You can't block this!"


  • Create 120 Sequences For A Year
  • Never Expire
  • Send More, Sell More
  • Powerful Subject Lines
  • Unlock Winning Angles
  • Generate Better Email Sequences
  • Explode Your List’s Potential
  • Unlimited Campaign Ideas
  • No Time Limit
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Instant Export & Download
  • Commercial Rights
  • Email Survey Funnel
  • Instant Newsletter
  • You Can't Block This - Popup Software



With This Deal, You’ll Have Everything You Need To Build And Grow Your List…While Running Successful Email Campaigns Without Any Limits On Complete Autopilot!

You can FINALLY have more customers saying yes to your offers... 

You can FINALLY have a steady flow of new customers into your business consistently… 

You can FINALLY build the business you have always dreamed of…

The Choice Is Yours...

You can skip this offer… only use your ONLY 10 sequences and then start writing yourself… or hire an expensive email copywriter… (Not Recommended)

…Or take this incredible deal… (Highly Recommended)

And get rid of all your email marketing worries…

With so many email sequences that you can use for years to come. (Because your credits don’t expire)

Yes! I Want 120 More Sequences! Add This To My Order!

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